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Our Business is Shipping

The founder of the group Mr. Mohammad Al Almheiri,established the group in the year 1980.The first activity was in the field of fuel, lubricant,steel,cement ,wood,grain,barley and rice from Canada and U.S.A. Then later started the activity of sea and land transportation.

The 1st commercial vessel was registered in Dubai in 1980 which was named N.V Tahwarah with the deadweight of 9000.

The 2nd vessel was named M.V Runner with 20,000 deadweight, in the field of land transportation. It owned nearly 100 track, carrying goods to and from the gulf region and the Middle East. The 1st contract was awarded to supply and transport was forwarded by Caltex Al Khaleej, (The biggest American company in lubricant and oil worldwide) in the year 1982, in favor of oil marketing organization of Iraq (SOMO).

We had an agreement with the ministry of trade in Iraq to supply and transport the demand of grain and barley from Canada, which was nearly 600,000 ton within 6 months in 1983. American rice more than 50,000 ton in 1983 from Texas, under the brand of Snow-white rice. We also carried out contract to supply grease and lubricant which mainly to maintain the Iranian Air force Plane (F14). The contract was with KALA limited London. The company of the Republic of the Iran which was in charge of buying and selling.

We also had a huge contract with the Syrian government to supply and transport big quantity of Saudi Silver to Syrian Government for the Homs fertilizers factory. In Africa we carried out huge contract to ship huge quantity of arms such as tanks and army. which has been supplied by U.A.E government as donation to Sudan in the beginning of the war between South and North Sudan in the 1980’s from the last century . on the field of air passenger transportation . We carried out huge Contract with Nigerian government in the end of 90’s beginning of 2000 for the hard season.

We chartered Airplane to carry 600,000 people to do their Hajj season. Also in the end of the 80’s from last century we had our trading field import and export pure gold , the group was also engaged in construction field and established in the beginning of the 80’s , in international contracting which carried out a huge contract in Dubai and U.A.E.

It is a private organization fully owned by the founder (Sole proprietor) Mr. Mohammad Almheiri, he recently decide to convert this private company and select reliable business partners in each field. The people who will partner with me in the Private Limited Liability Company, there share will remain as the nominated partners and founder of this company. GOD HELP US TO REACH OUR GOALS TO MAKE THIS WORLD BETTER IN EACH CORNER.